The Afro Caribbean Millennium Centre was designed as a multi-faceted community enterprise; it is both a charity and a company limited by guarantee.

The centre was specifically designed to enable a variety of training to be held on the premises. The afro caribbean centre also sites New Style Radio which is an integral aspect of it as well as the Frantz Fanon research unit. CLICK THIS BUTTON TO LISTEN NOW



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The centre is used for a variety of purposes: It acts as a welfare advice centre, gives free legal advice and holds a weekly senior citizens club.

There are a number of users based at the centre engaged in a variety of enterprises. The centre is also booked for use by various organisations including the Birmingham City council, Birmingham Healthy Minds, Aquarius, and the Stroke society.

There are various rooms available for rent including an incubation unit for start up businesses at competitive prices.

The centre was opened in 2010 with the support of a number of institutions, community organisations and individuals including the Birmingham City Council, The Millenium commission, The Arts Council, and the European Regional Development Fund.

We work closely with individuals and community organisations and institutions such as the BBC. Prior to being renamed in 2010, the centre was previously known as The Afro Caribbean Resource Centre and had been in existance as an encorporated body since 1983.


Dr Runoko Rashidi Lecture 8 9 2015

Newstyle Radio Playlist

Frantz Fanon Research UNIT Water Sterilisation Prototype

Water Purification Unit Research paper by Independent Contributor Talha Witten

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